The clever man knows many ways, the wise man knows the right way.

- CJ Langenhoven

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In the case of Jordaan v Jordaan 2001 (3) SA 288 (C), the claimant instituted an action for a divorce and, among other things an order in terms of the stipulations of sec. 7(3) of the Divorce Act.  (Sec. 7 clearly specifies that the court has almost unrestricted discretion to order a redistribution of assets if the court is of the opinion that it would be just and equitable to do so Ė and that all relevant factors can be taken into account when exercising this discretion.)

A welcome amendment to the Estate Duty Act in 2010 gives spouses access to each other's estate duty deductions. Before the amendment , if the first dying spouse left his or her entire estate to the survivor, the R3.5 million†would be lost. The Act now provides that the amount of R3.5 million can be transferred to the estate of the surviving spouse.

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