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- CJ Langenhoven


Deceased Estate Administration

African Mutual Trust Company undertakes the administration of deceased estates where:

  • they are nominated as executor in the will
  • Where the nominated executor appoints African Mutual Trust Company to administer the estate on behalf of the executor, at an agreed fee.

Why use the services of African Mutual Trust?

African Mutual Trust Company has the necessary skills and therefore you receive specialized, personal and efficient service.

The personal service includes the completion of reporting documents at the place convenient to you.

Estates are administered in the shortest possible time.

Fees (VAT exclusive)

Estate administration fees are regulated in terms of the Administration of Estates Act of 1965 as amended. This fee is currently 3,5% of gross assets of the estate. Pension money, the proceeds of retirement annuities, life insurance with nominated beneficiaries and trust assets are excluded from the estate and therefore no fee may be levied on these assets.

African Mutual Trust Company is prepared to give a free quotation for the administration of a deceased estate.