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- CJ Langenhoven


Trust Services

African Mutual Trust Company draft and register new trust deeds with the Master of the High Court.

We undertake the audit of the wording of existing trusts as well as the amendments thereto.

As a further service we also draft trustee resolutions on behalf of trustees, including resolutions to appoint and dismiss trustees and obtain Letters of Authority from the Master's office.

If required, we will draft financial statements for tax purposes for trusts.

We also undertake comprehensive management of inter vivos and testamentary trusts to ensure compliance with legislation.

African Mutual Trust Company may be appointed as co-trustee or as agent of the trustees with a revocable power of attorney.

Fees (VAT exclusive)

  • Setting up and registration of trusts (consultation included): R4,500.00 plus R250.00 stamp duty for registration purposes
  • Amendments, audits, resolutions and financial statements: per quote
  • Annual management fees: 1% of assets under management (for trusts with assets more than R3 000 000: special quotes may be negotiated)
  • Termination fee (of trusteeship or power of attorney): negotiable up to 2% of assets distributed.

Application for a trust