The clever man knows many ways, the wise man knows the right way.

- CJ Langenhoven



An application form for the drafting of your will can be sent to African Mutual Trust Company by fax or e-mail. African Mutual Trust Company undertakes to send your completed will by e-mail within 3 days after we have received the application form from you, unless it was otherwise agreed.

Why use the services of African Mutual Trust Company?

African Mutual Trust Company has personnel who have the skills and experience to draft even the most complicated wills.

African Mutual Trust Company does not insist to be nominated as the executor in your will. You may choose who you wish to nominate as the executor of your estate. The drafting of a will is therefore an objective professional service for which fees are levied. It is however in your interest to nominate African Mutual Trust Company as the alternative executor to make sure that there will always be an executor when you die.

African Mutual Trust Company will keep client's wills in safe custody free of charge.

Executor's fees can be negotiated and stipulated in your will.

Fees (VAT exclusive)

  • Drafting of will without consultation: R500.00 plus VAT
  • Drafting of will after one consultation: R850.00 plus VAT
  • Revision of wills: per quotation

Application for a will